First, let me start with a few statements...

1. I am an OSU Alumni...and proud of it.

2. I work as an FPE for a Fortune 500 company and I volunteer "on the side" out of my Love for it.

3. I did not visit, nor do I know much about the "other schools" discussed elsewhere in this post. It is not my intention to "knock" or bad mouth them. They have all produced fine indivuals.

Now that being said, here is my rant.

Any degree from any school is simply one thing:

A piece of paper that indicates that one knows how to study and has a BASIC level of knowledge in the given field. Basic is the key term.

I also want to address the comments made about OSU and the instructors comment. This is a comment statement I have heard, even when I was there. They say that because the school is pushing more toward the engineering side. Most of the alumni in the field have given feedback as such. They are listening to their audience. Does that mean that the program will not be teaching skills that are vital to a firefighter? I think not. Thermodynamics, strength of materials, fire dynamics...need I say more? The other schools offer similar classes as well.

You have to look long you want to be a pikeman for the rest of your career? Nothing wrong with that...but it is your decision. If you want to move up through administration, any degree will help. Get it now while you are young, do not have a family to work in, and can keep up with the course work.

I think the other 4 year schools are more on the side of the engineering field...though I cannot speak to the Kentucky school as I do not know anyone from there.

As far as the ABET accred. goes, this is an engineering accred., if your career track is in the fire service, I doubt this will help you.

On the cost issue, I (again) cannot speak of the other schools, but OSU was ranked one of the top 10 schools for cost in the US (by us news and world reports I believe). That was several years ago (96 ish?). I have not looked in some time. Don't care to.

I have several college buddies or fellow alums that are working for FD's nationwide...Plano; Dallas; Jefferson City, MO; to name a few. One is even the president of his local.

One other factor to look at is placement. Of my class (as well as the 2 previous classes), 100% placement. I have not looked into the placement rate since. Also look at internships. OSU students are eligible for (and do recieve) internships as freshmen.

Yes the fire station that the students were in did suck. It was one of the oldest buildings on campus. The program has now moved to the other side of campus and has a new building, lab and lots of toys. Likely one of the best sprinkler labs built.

Regardless of where you go, take a look at the stuff from The author has been vocal enough in this post, but take a look at it early as the information is valuable in several areas of life, not just fire service exams.

Again, I am not slamming the other schools and do not wish to "burn" anyone...hopefully the origional "postee" will take the advice and apply it to whereever they go.

Man, this thread is almost as long as some of the "e-one vs pierce" debates...