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    Question H2s

    I recently read an artical from a mining safety assoc. that stated H2S reacts negativly with rubber and steel/ metal seals and does so rapidly upon exposure. Unfortunatly it did not mention concentrations, time of exposure or anything else to back this up. Has anyone else ever heard of this? I am curious if this is the case will H2S exposure damage SCBA exposing the user to the gas?

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    Never heard of this sort of damage.

    In realtion to exposre standards for humans (Not the equipment) CLICK HERE

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    Having worked in the oil industry for a few years, I have some experience with HS2. It is corrosive to metals, but this is primarily when in solution rather than the gaseous form. We were always concerned with "sour" products in our pipelines for this reason.

    As for reacting with rubber materials, I seem to remember that that H2S can react with some rubbers, but not necessarily all, and don't remember ever hearing of any concerns with SCBAs. Again, its most likely a problem when the H2S is in solution and can react with things like seals made of rubber.
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    Have you contacted MSHA, they are a good source for information.

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