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    Post Moving to Tennessee

    Im currently a South Carolina firefighter. I am considering moving to your state in the near future. I have several IFSAC certificates and was wondering which ones would transfer to your state, or if you could point me in the right direction to find someone who does know the answer to my question. Below is a list of my IFSAC certificates.

    Firefighter I
    Firefighter II
    Fire Officer I
    Fire Instructor I
    Fire and Life Safety Educator I

    I am also a NREMT-B

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    The Tennessee Commission on Firefighting is the outfit you need to talk to.

    Tennessee is not IFSAC accredited, though they are working on that now. Until recently there was no reciprocity whatsoever. I understand that now, some out of state certifications are recognized, though you do not actually receive "credit" for them in Tennessee. For example, if you are IFSAC FF1 and FF2, you do not get a certificate from Tennessee, but you don't have to repeat the work, either.

    EMS stuff goes through the EMS board. You can look at the State of Tennessee website and find instructions on reciprocity there. At the state level EMS is far ahead of the fire service here.

    Hope this helps some.

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