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    Default New to the Forum!

    What's up guy's I just completed my membership duties and am now in the process of checking out all the good stuff here on this site.

    Firehouse and Fire Engineering have been staple's in reference materials and my Book of tricks for over 15 year's,however I had never really upgraded to member status here at Firehouse.

    So it shall be done...and it was! LOL

    We are very fortunate to have these types of sites to further our knowledge and pass along all the necessary bad jokes and interesting conversations we are famous for in the Fire Service.

    Let me tell a little so Yall will know me a little better.After all this is my first post and you guy's deserve to know who I am.

    My name is Steve and I am in Cherokee Co. Fire "Georgia"

    My wife of 7 years name is Cathy and I have a Son named Brad "Great Kid"

    I have been in the Fire Service since 1988 and up until 2002 I was a "Two Hatter" Volly / Career Fireman.

    My experience level is fairly diverse and I believed at the onset that a wide area of knowledge would be better for the people that I protected and the job duties that I performed or aspired to perform.

    I am a Georgia E.M.T. and I am currently at Sergeant's rank in the station I am assigned to in Cherokee County "Station 21"

    I am looking forward to shooting the bull and soaking up any information that is in the immediate area.

    Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself and I am looking very forward to meeting each of you here at the House!
    North Georgia

    - Let No Mans Ghost Come Back To Say My Fire Training Let Me Down -

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    Greetings! Glad to have you onboard............
    Wren Volunteer Fire Department
    Southern Division


    In Memory of:
    FireFighter/Pilot James Archer
    "Rest in peace James, you now have the ultimate set of wings on you."

    Thanks, LeuitEFDems

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