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    Default Good Abdominal Workout???

    Does anyone have a good abdominal workout to build a nice 6-pack of abs? I have been doing about 100-150 sit-ups a day on a declined bench at a slow rate but it just doesn't seem to be working. Thanks inadvance for any replys.


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    Default Important question

    Do you want a six-pack to just look good or do you want them to function as well? Unfortunately, the two are not related. There's no such thing as spot reduction-meaning doing an exercise for a certain body part won't make the fat in that area melt away any quicker. If you want the six-pack, you will have to manipulate your diet. Also remember that two-thirds (roughly) of your "abs" are either horizontal or diagonal in nature. This means that rotational and lateral (side to side) flexion exercises are important for overall ab development and function. Stabilization is also an important function and should be trained as well.
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