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    Question civilian wildland fire deaths east of the Mississippi?

    A little help please.I am lookiing for information on civilian wildfire related deaths east of the Mississippi.

    In Kentucky civilian wildfire deaths do occur, but have not been well documented.

    Most civilian fatalites are landowner or farmers who allow a control burn to escape and were attacking the fire prior to calling 911.

    In 1980 in Rowan County, Kentucky a woman fell 40 to 100 feet to her death while battling a escaped burn with family and neighors.Apparently in this case her husband was burning stumps when the fire escaped.The incident occured around 0100 A.M.

    In 2000 a breckenridge County,Kentucky man dies fighting a fire he allowed to escape on private lands.The cause of death with burns and smoke inhalation.

    In 2003 A Morgan County ,Kentucky man was electrocuted attacking a fire with a shovel.The fire department was enroute to the scene.The fire was small and apparently he did not see the downed power line, which started the fire.

    I looking for this type of information for a training program on eastern wildfires.
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    Question Well..........

    Coldfront, Sorry I can't be much help, but the type of thing that you're looking for is rare here in Maryland. Last one in my County was over 20 years ago. That case was a Woman who was found dead in her Back Yard, apparently from a Heart Attack, while she was burning leaves. The fire burned around here and spread quite a distance, but (if I remember correctly) she died from causes other than burns and/or smoke inhalation.
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    Lightbulb Civilian Wildfire Deaths

    I know of two in the northeast. One was a homeless person in Quincy, Massachusetts. He was sleeping in a large cardboard box in 10 foot tall Phragmite Reeds (grass)in an area called, Broad Meadows, which has a history of yearly wildland fires. He may have been the victim of a murder, though? Another death was an off-duty firefighter in Massachusetts fighting a wildland fire near his back yard. He succumbed to a heart attack. I cannot recall the dates of thsse two unfortunate incidents. I think that they were both in the early 1990's?

    During a massive Wildland and W/UI fire in Maine, October of 1947, about a dozen people were killed. There is a book about this fire seige called, "Wildfire, The Year Maine Burned." Or, something like that title.

    If you would like more information about W/UI firefighting in the northeast, I've got lots of info. Contact me.

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