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    Angry Fire Prevention Grants

    Ok.. Whats the word on the street??? Grantsupport.com states January 05... I think it is safe to say we are past that...


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    Not sure, but I know we are out of the running. Previous admin. forgot to deal with some paperwork from a previous FIREACT grant and until that's cleared up .... and it was a good proposal too.

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    Check out today's list of award winners, it includes the FIRST ROUND of the FP grants...Good Luck!

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    Default FP Info

    We heard Feb. 3 on our fire prevention grant. It should be obvious that a grant is forthcoming when they email you and ask those questions. I have done three other grants and they asked and send the email on all the successful ones. I am three for four. Retired newspaper editor and active firefighter. No "professionals" involved.
    One needs to write a FP grant that will augment successful existing FP programs. I ask for small projects (dollar wise). Our FP is done at the township level and run by a part-time fire marshal and three volunteer assistants (I am one). The fire companies ask for grants in the fire suppression and vehicles.
    Our state (PA) also funds things likes AEDs and has other grants as well as state low interest money as wells as some monies for certain portions of building construction.
    Ask your state rep or senator and also don't give up on the federal grants.
    Good facts in the grant narrative help as well as get to know the municipality and how it operates and the demographics and tax structure.

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