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    Question on-line firescience degree programs

    How are the on-line courses accepted through-out the U.S. I am debating on enrolling or not.

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    Wink Accreditation...

    Not sure how much or little they help in the hiring process, but plenty of people here can help (Capt. Bob comes to mind). I do know this. MAKE SURE of the colleges accreditation. Most of the banner ads, junk emails, things like that are not accredited to the same standards as regular colleges like your local state and community colleges.
    Example: You get a business degree from one of those crap online colleges and apply for a job at some marketing firm that requires a degree for the position. You will never even get an interview as they will not recognize a degree from "North Hollywood Upstairs School of Business Poly A & M Tech." Get my point?
    It is easy to check on these schools as they are required to list there accreditations on there web sites. If they don't match the ones from somewhere like (my alma mater ) Michigan State University or your local community college, I wouldn't even bother. If they sound too easy to get and too cheap there is probably a reason! There are legit online colleges, but VERY few. I don't know what they are.

    Hope that helps,
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    I know the University of Maryland University College offers an excellent Fire Science program that you can complete online. Their website is www.umuc.edu. They are a well respected and accredited institution, and in the end your degree will not say whether you earned it online or by sitting through class.


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    I think you may also be able to do it through the University of Cincinnati, OH.....
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