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    Default "Today marks a milestone in American history

    Financial Times
    Observer: Barrelling on
    Published: February 8 2005 02:00

    Today marks a milestone in American history: Jim Beam will fill its 10 millionth barrel of bourbon. That is the equivalent of 3.25bn bottles, or 82,600bn drinks of the Kentucky spirit.

    Frederick Book Noe III was on hand to sing the praises of the drink recognised by Congress as "America's native spirit" in 1964. Noe, who is Jim Beam's great-grandson and the brand's ambassador, is part of a family that has been making whiskey in America since 1795. He has Jim Beam's original handwritten recipe locked in a safe-deposit box at a local bank.

    The bourbon put in the barrel today and sealed up on Valentine's Day will most likely be ready in four years' time. At that point, says Noe, "you're doing your patriotic duty drinking bourbon". Cheers to that. observer@ft.com

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    slurring I 'll raise a glasssss to that!
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    Thnkas for the trivia, Cheffie!!
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    Cheffie........ My My My My........How did you know that me and MR. Beam are close companions. I rarely travel without him as a companion!

    Thanks for the info...brings a cheerful tear to my eyes!
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    The bourbon put in the barrel today and sealed up on Valentine's Day will most likely be ready in four years' time.
    Kinda like waiting on the birth of a child.
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    Originally posted by Steamer
    Kinda like waiting on the birth of a child.
    But at least with the keg you don't have to put up with it for 18 years and then send it to college, and pay for a wedding (if it's a female keg...)
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