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    We DID buy a 4400 2 dr. IH but could have gotten 4 doors, any engine/trans combination we wanted, any options or no options. I don't know about the 7400 cause IH upped the suspension on the 4400 so it is comparable to the 7400 anyway. We saved a pile of money by doing it this way and would recommend it any department. Just have to work with the builder to be sure the chassis meets their specs, too, not just yours.
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    Their ambo is in great shape and only has about 30k miles on it. Chief Erbes said that you guys are looking at it. I don't think you can go wrong and I know that it has been well taken care of.


    It makes sense that the 4400 4-Door would be available because I believe that is the chassis used by the 4-Door IDOT trucks, but CMS assured me that this bid was only for a 2-Door Model. If anyone finds the actual CMS bid, I would like to see the verbage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelican631 View Post
    I guess I'll drag this up again...I've heard of departments getting a commercial chassis through the State Bid program and then having an apparatus manufacturer put a tank on it for use as a tanker (tender? ). I've been looking all over the CMS web site, but the only truck contracts I can find are for light duty trucks (pickups and vans) and for dump (plow) trucks. Has anyone had any luck getting a commercial chassis from this program? Any info would be great.



    our last 3 tenders we got were all state bid chassis, then have the tank co's do that tanks. 2 years ago we had SEMO Tank do 2 and had 1 done by midstate last year

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