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    Unhappy Nothing Is Forever....farewell

    I had been with FIREHOUSE Magazine for 14 years and my final article was published in the December 2004 issue. My writings were mostly about W/UI or SWI Fire Protection. During the last 20 plus years I have submitted and have had published about 125 articles, most with my own photos. I have enjoyed providing the structural and wildland fire services with as much related and interesting information that I could possibly gather in an effort to make the job safer and a bit easier. This has been A true privilege and honor and a labor of love for the fire services. Nothing is forever. I bid you all a fond farewell and please, above all else, be careful out there.

    I would love to hear from the readers of this forum and from those that have read and followed my articles over the years. My email address is dfcwinsret@earthlink.net

    Robert Winston
    Boston Fire DFC-Retired
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    Thanks for all the help in the woods. We appreciate it.
    Rath De Ort


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