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    Default 2nd fatal fire of the day ...............

    Toledo Fire & Rescue is on the second fatal fire of the tour in the First Battalion, possibly a double ...........they had a single fatality in Battallion 2 earlier this am................they are workin it now .....will keep you advised.
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    East Toledo house fire claims life of young boy
    Earlier blaze kills man in central city

    Firefighters work to extinguish a blaze that killed a child and injured three other people at 753 Forsythe St. in East Toledo.
    ( THE BLADE )



    A young boy died last night in a house fire in East Toledo, less than 14 hours after an elderly man died in a house fire in central Toledo.
    Two adults and a girl were taken from last night's blaze at 753 Forsythe St., near Leonard Street, to St. Charles Mercy Hospital.

    The name of the boy who died and the names of those taken to the hospital were being withheld by authorities early today.

    Yesterday morning, a man identified as Jack Wilbert, who was in his 80s and whose birthday was Saturday, died in a house fire at 747 Nebraska Ave. caused by flammable items that were too close to an electric space heater, a fire investigator said.

    About 9:40 last night, several people called 911 to report the East Toledo blaze. Four people, two adults and two children, all of whom are related, were in the house at the time, Toledo Fire Chief Michael Bell said.

    The boy died in what appeared to be a second-floor bedroom.

    Witnesses said a woman was outside the house crying, "Please help me get my baby!" As she said that, flames were shooting through the roof of the two-story, wood-frame dwelling.

    Toledo firefighters work to extinguish a blaze started by a space heater at a home on Nebraska Avenue, which left a man dead.


    David Twigg, 22, and Matt Vasquez, 20, who live in the area, said they were driving by when they saw the blaze. They ran into the living room, where they saw a girl asleep on a couch. "I went up and grabbed her and brought her out," Mr. Vasquez said.

    They heard the mother say that another child was inside, but said they couldn't get to the second floor.

    "We tried to go upstairs, but it was too smoky," Mr. Twigg said.

    The first fire crews at the scene reported heavy fire. They had the blaze under control at 9:53 p.m., searched the house, and found the child's body.

    Chief Bell said firefighters believe the fire started on the second floor, which sustained extensive damage.

    The cause of the fire was under investigation, Chief Bell said.

    At the fire earlier in the day, the owner of the home on Nebraska, Rubie Petterson, 75, told authorities that she was Mr. Wilbert's caretaker.

    However, the Lucas County coroner's office has the victim listed as John Doe pending confirmation of his identity, which it hopes to confirm through fingerprints, Dr. Cynthia Beisser, a deputy coroner, said.

    Authorities believe the man, who was badly burned, was a military veteran. Dr. Beisser said she hopes to confirm his identity through fingerprints from the military, which could take several weeks.

    She said she suspects the man died from smoke inhalation, but she is awaiting toxicology tests to confirm his carbon monoxide level.

    The body was found just inside the front door of the one-story house, which sustained $25,000 damage. Flames spread to a neighboring vacant house at 745 Nebraska, which sustained $6,000 damage, fire Investigator Mike Smith said.

    He said it appears the fire began in the living room, where the body was found leaning over a fan. The house had no smoke detectors, Mr. Smith said.

    Deputy Fire Chief Bob Metzger said firefighters had a difficult time entering the house because some entrances were blocked by the occupant's belongings.

    Anthony Marshall, who said Ms. Petterson has been a family friend for years, saw the fire from his house and called 911 from his cell phone at 8:03 a.m. as he ran across the street.

    Mr. Marshall kicked the front door, but it wouldn't open. He then pushed on it with the handle of a shovel he found on the porch. The door opened only about a foot.

    "The flames were too intense," he said. "It's tragic."

    Jackie Brown, a friend, picked up Ms. Petterson and drove her to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center for a test about 20 minutes before the fire was reported. Ms. Brown said Ms. Petterson didn't see any evidence of a fire before she left.

    "She's in shock. She lost everything," Ms. Brown said. "She had to come just to see for sure."

    Ms. Petterson told authorities she lived in her home for more than 20 years. Neighbors and friends said she has lived there since the late 1970s.

    They said Mr. Wilbert was a quiet man who liked sports and sitting on the front porch in the summer.

    "He was very nice and a good worker," said Lawrence Moye, who knew him for about 30 years and worked with him at a gas station and a foundry.

    Blade staff writer Mike Sigov contributed to this report.

    Contact Elizabeth A. Shack at:
    or 419-724-6050.

    The East Toledo Fire was one of our FF's relative's house.....
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