I am working on a program (programs) for our community that will be similar to Phoenix Media Fire Academy or Fairfield Ct CFA. MY goal would be to have a program aimed at the community leaders, media and citizens to educate and inform them about the operations of our department and also to train them in FA/CPR and fire extingushers and giving them some hands on learning (walk a mile in our shoes). I would like to do another program aimed at high school students as a career education/ community involvment oppurtunity as well as a booster for the local explorer programs. Plans have also been to add some of the CERT type education as well. We are a small department of 32 FT and 8 call persons with a population of about 20,000 permanent who we respond to about 3300 times a year. I would like to hear from people who have done similar projects especially from smaller resource shy departments and also from people who may have been involved in a program. Thanks for any help or correspondence in advance!