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    Default Radio System & the pagers that go with them?

    Being dispatchers what kind of radio system does your communication system use? What kind of pager?

    We use a 30 Mhz Freq. and all the radio's are ORBACOM. Touch screen for pressing fire/EMS & local goverment pagers. That was the old!!

    Now with the new.

    We are using 400Mhz base with a console of who knows? We have not seen a single radio yet. With a paging system that has been posted on Firehouse.com



    We use comm tech alpha pagers. Just curious if any other county's out thier had a big problem with the radio/pager system that you use.

    When you read the 1st article my fire company went past the home fire companys station enroute to this fire. If it would not have been for a firefighter watching our rigs blow by they would not have ever know that ther was a fire call.

    Now look at the history of Newmanstown. They have had numerous fires w/entrapment in the last 3 years with one fatality.
    That is why so many people are not happy with our paging system.

    Now what fire chief would want that on the records that they failed to respond to a fire call becasue they never got the page???
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    Well, there's a few issues here.

    1. They never heard the dispatch? I take it that means the alpha pagers didn't go off?

    2. Is this alpha paging system owned by the agency or is it a contract with a commercial company such as Verizon or Airtouch or something? If it is a commercial service, that is your problem right there.

    If none of the pagers went off, that would indicate that there was a failure in the system rather than the pagers themselves. This could be an operator error or system error. It is impossible to diagnos that over the internet.

    Ours is still the old reliable tone activated voice pagers. The console is a touch screen Orbacom. Works like a charm as long as the dispatcher has a clue. I would never want to ditch that for alpha pagers.
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