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Thread: SCBA checklist

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    Default SCBA checklist

    I've been given the task of making a checklist for the daily checks of our SCBA's does anyone have a list made up? I'm also reading through NFPA 1852. Anything will help. thanks in advance

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    You should check and see if you have a users manual that came with your SCBA, you should be able to find the info you are looking for in there. The IFSTA respiratory protection manual may also help or look up the OSHA standard for respiratory protection 29CFR1910.134.MSA's website has some good info.
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    VFIS has a SCBA check sheet that you can download. Go to www.vfis.com

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    For daily checks we have a list to fill out/check-mark. We write the pack's number, the psi, and check if the pack, regulator, PASS, etc are okay and working. Then whoever checked the SCBAs that day initials the sheet. There is one sheet per pack with the list of things to check on it. All the sheets are kept together in a binder. At the end of the month the sheets are collected and replaced.
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    That's pretty much what we do down here as well, except we keep the records on the rig that those SCBA no.s are assigned to, and after each use they are filled out with additional information about the incident - who used the set, what the incident was(structure fire, car fire, hazmat etc) and approxiametely how long the set was used for. The same applies for use for training.
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