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    Default States that accept DOD Certifications

    I recently graduated from the Airforce fire academy in Texas and recieved my DOD Certifications. Now that I am home in New York and responding with my local volunteer department I am unsure if my DOD Certs are valid in the State of New York. I've been told that there is a list on the web of states that accept DOD Certs, but I have yet to find this site. Can someone fill me in on where I can find this information. Thanks

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    Default What I know...

    I know that the state of California doesnt take outside

    But, the state of Arizona WILL take IFSAC certs, you take a
    written and skills test, then they will issue a AZ cert.

    Sorry for the limited info. Hope this helps.


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    www.dodffcert.com, has all your cert info. you might have to check with your dept. some places take them, and some don't even within one state.
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