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    Post Moving to North Carolina

    I am currently a firefighter in South Carolina and I am giving thought to moving to North Carolina. I have 15 years in the fire service. Would any of my training transfer to North Carolina? Below is a list of IFSAC training I currently hold.

    IFSAC Firefighter I
    IFSAC Firefighter II
    IFSAC Fire Officer I
    IFSAC Fire Instructor I
    IFSAC Fire and Life Safety Educator I
    IFSAC HAZMAT Operations

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    Your ff 1&2 along with your hazmat and fire officer should not have a problem with but your instructor and life safety I can't be certain on that but one way I found to cover my cert's where ever I go, transfer your cert's to D.O.D. For more info go to www.afgefirefighters.org and you would be able to find out info on transfering certs. To my knowledge all states accept DOD certs.

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    As you can see here:


    ... all of your certifications are also levels at which the NC training programs are accredited. As long as you have IFSAC numbers to reference (whether on the seals on your certificates or on some other paperwork), you should be good-to-go.

    Just contact OSFM when you come to NC and join a department. You should get in touch with Brandi Maynard (see here for contact info) and give her that IFSAC info.

    Hope this helps.

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