I lost a Friend today. My Friend has been a close companion for almost 4 yrs now, and the time has come to bid my Friend a deep farewell. My Friend has been with me through thick and thin, and through many upgrades and improvements in these past years. However, the Base Commander has exercised his prerogative and placed a recall on my Friend.

I am speaking of course of my home based computer, which was a loaner unit from the Base I.T. section, and the Commander has recalled all computer assets on outside loan.

So as I bid farewell to my PC, I will be on the search to purchase one for myself. However until then my only “outside” communications will be through either telephone, or email from work. Sadly though, I am not able to access MSN or AOL from work, firewalls et all. I will do my best to answer any PM’s and those of you who have my work email, of course I can be found “here”.