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    Default Firefighter Combat Challenge Forum

    I recently moved this post from Fire Buffs to a more logical place like HERE!

    I should have put this forum here in the first place since this area usually gets the most views

    We are in the process of establishing a combat Challenge team at my dept. here in Interior Alaska.

    Since this has become a very popular event in our profession, I thought it was time that a forum got started on this subject so here it is sort of. I have asked the moderators to start a forum just on the Combat Challenge so look for it in the near future, hopefully it will happen.

    Please use this as a place to provide information, helpful hints, suggestions, training routines, course prop designs, ect. Also if you have a team please leave a link to your site or info on how to contact you.
    I know we all have our little secrets but this is the place to let it all out. After all, we are in the buisness of helping others so please help our own here as well. That way we can all become more competetive and give our brothers from the north (Canadians) or east where I live, a real show when they come to compete in the states.

    A special thanks to the Whitehorse Canada Team for all their help and support so far. They are on the list to hold a Firefit Event on 21 May. Fire Fit is the Canadian version of ours.

    Here are a few sites that will help, they all have links to other places as well.


    Hope to see you on the field.

    Here's to the "Toughest two minutes in sports"
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    Default Firefighter Combat Challenge

    Just so everyone knows a message board was started (unofficially of course) for the Comabt Challeneg. it is fairly new and doing great. Some of the fastest guys in the world are helping with training techniqes and ideas. Just a thought for anyone who runs or is interested in getting involved. Stay Safe!



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    Talking combat challange

    Best time 3;38 not bad for an old fart over 40. Its a great thing to do,and you can be proud of finishing . On the east coast challange in Haverhill MA May 14. Next in Portland Maine in September
    Run hard, try not to throw up!

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