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    Default Dangerous Discovery

    Firefighters from the Califorina Department of forestry and U.S. Forestry Service stumbled upon a hidden hazard while battling the Loma Fire in Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

    Unexploded ordnance encountered!

    Two ammunition cache's found concealed in the woods, partially buried and covered with poison oak.

    After removing the two caches,law enforcement officers gave firefighters the green light.However,when firefighters lit the burnout the next afternoon,they were startled by the sound of exploding ammunition of a third ,undiscovered cache.

    The responsiable persons involved in hidding the ammunition has not been found.

    My question is does anyone have comparable stories about other hidden dangers.

    Here in Kentucky we have concerns about pot growers using booby- traps in the forest to protect their cash crop.We have already had cases were the growers have been killed by their own devices.

    I also made a response to an grass /forest fire threating a tobacco barn.Upon our first engine's arrival, the fire had extended into the barn.The fire was small and confined to an small area on a outside exterior wall.
    We continue our size up and encountered various 55 gallon drums of an unknown substance in the barn.
    Meth production is also on the rise in eastern Kentucky.I fear its just a manner of time before we stumble upon a meth operation during a wildfire response.We must continue to increase the awareness levels of firefighters to beware of a hidden danger.
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    On the issue of ammunition in fires:
    I recall some tests done years ago. There is no danger from the bullet, but the brass casing could be an eye hazard as it shatters. Unless the ammunition is confined in something like a steel ammunition can, the primer "pops", but the bullet stays in place and the case travels a few feet.

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    I'm a wildland firefighter here in Sydney Australia and we have a few sections of land owned but not always populated by the military.

    Upon any fire threat in this area, we have to be escorted into the land by ground or air.

    One of these areas is an old testing ground for the military which is just littered with unexploded ammunition.

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