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    Default Help with a presentation concerning paramedic program

    Looking for anyone out there that may be able to supply me with a copy of a presentation their dept would have done in order to obtain a fire dept based paramedic program. I'm a career firefighter for a combination dept in Southern New England that is trying to implement a program in which our rescue(s) will deliver ALS care instead offering BLS as we do know. We'd like to transport, however we'd start off with anything if we could get the additional manpower to do it right. The municipality leaders are not interested in supporting us, so now we're looking to reach out to the public and educate them. I realize this is an uphill battle but currently we're all tired of not being able to provide the proper level of care while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

    One of many ideas as of now is to conduct presentations through the use of a powerpoint program followed by a Q&A session. Hoping we don't have to "reinvent the wheel" here entirely and that we could model this after a similar program which may be out there.

    I can also be emailed directly at NHFD50@comcast.net

    Thanks for taking the time to read this as any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default paramedic program information

    Have you checked the fema web site, they offer a video and I think they may have paper on implementation of EMS in the fire service as well as retention and other issues associated with running an EMS system.

    Hope it helps


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    depending on the support from the community, you may be in for a long uphill battle, my friend. sometimes it takes the right person getting sick or injured before anyone see the need. as i have posted before, most communities fix the fence after the horse gets out. good luck.

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    Default Paramedic program

    I agree with peon that it takes the right person getting sick for the council or whatever type of government your work under, but there is another issue to consider. The number of EMS calls will out number the number of fire calls, mostly due to effective fire codes and prevention, but what you need to to be internally concerned with is the...I hate to say it...job security.

    The department will have a difficult time justifing staff if the call volume is not there, where as a combination Fire/EMS department can justify its staffing due to the numbers required to staff booth Fire and EMS trucks.

    Go into this with the knowledge that your government will most likely feel that combining fire and ems will allow them to cut personnel, which is what my city did. You need department leadership to stand and say if it takes 20 to operate fire,20 for ems, just because they are combined, we still need the same number of personnel-

    Our city did just the opposite, by finding a value in cross trained personnel, and not filling vacancies, and over time, we have lost positions.

    If we could do it all over again, we would be the wiser.

    I hope that didn't confuse the situation, and maybe gives a fresh viewpoint, from someone that has gone through it already.


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