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    Default My Dept. needs Accountability and RIT training!

    I live in a town of about 100,000. We have 9 stations, about 140 employees. It's a very relaxed atmosphere on this department - but it's almost too relaxed. We have no RIT, and the accountability system is not used. There isn't really any structure to the department. We had a fire a few days ago and basically had 20 guys running around doing whatever needed to be done, with no one assigned a specific task, and no one handling accountablility.

    I am going to talk to the chief about changing all of this, at least getting a RIT team and some accountability going. I fear they don't have a knowledge of a good accountability system. You guys have any advice for a department this size???

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    Default Question................

    Wow! a department of the size you claim without those basic elements. Without giving to much away, do you have the rank or authority to be demanding anything from your Administration? Please tell me you are members of the IAFF, if so go through your local and contract to make this happen. Educate, educate, bang your head on the wall and educate some more. Collectively you can deal with this, individualy it appears you have nothing.

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    You may contact me through my website for information or questions;

    Jim Crawford
    Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

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