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    Default Slap me a "High 4 & 1/2"

    I tell this story a lot when I teach my Train-the-Trainer extrication classes. I'm at a large 1-day seminar where about 300 participants are divided into different extrication classes for the day. We spread out over a large area to have a separate area to teach in. One group cannot see the other, that is how big this place is.

    I am teaching Advanced Extrication that day. In another area, they are teaching Bus Rescue. Another group does rescue scenarios all day, and so on.

    I'm given a portable radio to keep in touch with the Staff if I need anything. We all start our classes at 08:00am. At 08:45, I hear the Basic Vehicle Rescue Group radio say "Can we move some cars to get the ambulance in here?" A few moments later, I hear another voice say "Never mind, he's going in his personal vehicle".

    At lunch time I asked one of the Staff members what that radio traffic was all about earlier this morning. He tells me that the Lead Instructor for the Basic class pointed where he wanted a student to place the tips of the power spreader at a door hinge. The student apparently did just that. He placed the tips there, caught the instructor's finger between the tool and the hinge and operated the spreader. It instantly crushed then cut his finger in two.

    Other instructors there said that half of the injured instructor's finger remained in his glove when he took it off.

    Moral of the story... point with a pointer, a car antennae, a windshield wiper arm, a yardstick, something. Don't point with your pointer!

    Next time I see you, I want you to be able to slap me a "High Five", not a "High 4 & 1/2".
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    Thanks for the anectdote, Ron.......
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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    I remember that. I was instructing the next group over when that event transpired. Ever since then we've had antennas or something else to point with.
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    YEEEEEOUCH ! ...as usual thanks for the good info Ron.
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    Forest said it very well; "Stupid is as stupid does".

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    Default OUCH!

    I've seen someone get their finger smashed after saying...."hit it here..." (fellow with the beater was in midswing...)but I believe this takes the prize......

    Ouch, my finger hurts just thinking of it.!
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