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    Default code enforcement

    can anybody tell me where i can find the NFPA life safety codes, especially the ones regarding nursing homes? Also who is the person responsible for enforcing those codes? Lastly, is it required for nursing homes to follow the lsc or are they just guidelines like NFPA in the fire service?

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

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    Default It all depends

    It largely depends upon the wording of your state/local laws and codes. In Ohio for instance, the State Fire Marshal's Office maintains joint responsibility with local jurisdictions for inspection of nursing homes.

    The NFPA Codes generally mean nothing in Ohio unless they are referenced in the Ohio Fire or Building Codes. Local codes may also reference them, but as a stand alone document, they generally are not enforceable.
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    You can disagree if you want.

    NFPA 101 Life Safety Code is the requirements for all building exsisting and new. This meets the compliance of OSHA.

    An employer who demonstrates compliance with the exit route provisions of NFPA 101-2000, the Life Safety Code, will be deemed to be in compliance with the corresponding requirements in 1910.34, 1910.36, and 1910.37.

    Nursing home codes are located in Health Care Occupancies. The LSC is not a guidline like in the Fire Service. But they might have other requirments and codes from other associations they might have to meet. I can't think of it off hand, but most hospitals have to meet OSHA, NFPA and another code that seems to escape my mind right now.

    Since Federal OSHA as deemed it a complaince to their regualtions. It can be used in every state. But your state OSHA department can require that the codes be more strict.

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    Default Old folks homes

    This is far from my area of expertise, but as far as NFPA codes and standards for nursing homes go, as MacInnis said, start with NFPA 101, Life Safety Code.

    You can try NFPA 5000, their new building code, however most of the life safety stuff in 5000 came directly from 101.

    Also look at NFPA 99, Standard for Health Care Facilities. The 2005 Ed. was just published recently.

    For more information visit www.jcaho.org. That is the organization responsible for accrediting all hospitals in the US.

    As far as code enforcement goes. To clear up any confusion you may have about NFPA. NFPA is a private, non profit organization. All their codes and standards are what are called "model codes." It is common for legistlative bodies to adopt sections of codes or all of codes from NFPA for that particular jurisdiction. But it is important to understand NFPA in no way implements or enforces code in any part of the US or world. They simply write stuff, to put it plainly.

    Code enforcement is the job of what is commonly referred to as the AHJ, or simpley "Authority Having Jurisdicition." In many municipalities it is the job of the local Fire Marshal. I think pretty much every state also has a state fire marshal to enforce minimum requirements adopted by states and so forth.

    And while all the requirements set for in 101 may be adopted, or match with (I don't know) OSHA requirements, 101 still is just a publication until a governing body chooses to adopt and enforce it.

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