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    Default PM Bill C-273: Tax Break for Volley-FF's

    I just received a package in the mail today from the office of Rick Casson, MP for Lethbridge AB. The package contains an outline of a private members bill to amend the tax act regarding volunteer emergency responders.

    The letter explains his efforts, and the efforts of another MP (Roger Cuzner of Cape Breton), to table legislation ensuring a tax credit for volunteer firefighters. The package included some sample letters to send to the PM's office, which I plan to do.

    I am sure this is something that interests all of us, so if you have not seen this package yet, you can review the topic at his site here:

    Rick Casson MP

    The transcript from the last debate in the house is here:

    Regarding PM Bill C-273: An act to amend the Income Tax Act regarding Volunteer Emergency Responders

    And the bill is here:

    PMB C-273

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    Hmmmm it is nice to see that someone in government is finally looking to reward the job we do as volly fire fighters. Although I am a little skeptical that this will garner the support necessary to pass. We all have to do our part to spread the word and help the Hon. Member gain the support necessary.
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    I remember this from 2003 and filling out a letter of support - in fact we did a generic letter and had all of our members sign it. I think that is the easiest way to get the support needed for this bill!
    Print a copy for all of your members and have them sign it!
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    I have forwarded the link to members of our FD. Obviously, I'd like to see this Bill passed. I also intend to mention it at one of our meetings. It will be interesting to see what the opinions at our Hall will be.

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    Lets get on this one brothers and sisters, send out those letters, when you have a minority gov't is the time to strike with a hot iron on these types of issues. It looks as though the Liberals are going to vote in favor of this bill but lets get as much pressure on them to make sure that it happens.

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