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    Default herbal dietary weight loss/help

    I've been on the job for a few years now and was injured about 6 months ago. prior to my injuries i was in excellent shape for a civilian, and acceptable for the fire service. After my injuries i was laid up and lost all of my strength and endurance, and all of my beautiful muscles turned to fat I have been on a very strict workout regimen for going on a month now and results have been marginal. My question is involving the SAFETY and EFFECTIVENESS of herbal dietary supplements specifically for fat loss (ie "ripped fuel - fat burner" and "hot rox"). With regards to the latter I was told it was less safe than something like the ripped fuel because it is thermogenic. I was wondering if anyone had any definite answers, or at least speculation backed up with experience. I'm looking to get a small boost to be back where i was, but i'm looking for the safest and most effective way possible. And before everyone starts in, no, I am not looking for a magic pill. Yes, I understand there is no perfectly safe pill when dealing with stuff like this. All I am looking for is a small boost, and a little helping hand. Thank you for your time and any help that can be provided.

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    I have a friend/coleague that used Hot-Rox and had nothing but positive claims about it. I am about to buy a bottle myself. If you have any problems with blood pressure or heart trouble, any thermogenic is ill-advised. I'll let you know how I fare with Hot-Rox.

    Depending upon your injury, I'd have to say that strength comes back, but before you can be strong, you have to be healthy and stable (in your joints). Keep up your hope-it WILL come. If your injury occured in the line of duty, then the last part of your rehab should include similar movements which caused the injury.

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    Rich Meyer, Strength Coach
    Author of FAST Responders: The Ultimate Guide to Firefighter Conditioning
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