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    Question Fireboat Success

    Since we were turned down this year and last for our grants we are trying to apply for a fire vessel. We have the largest inland waterway harbor in the US. We also have more river tonnage of material passes thru our district than any other place.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    The Annapolis Fire Department in Maryland was just recently awarded their grant for a fire boat.

    You can find contact information for the department at the city website:


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    The US Navy/US Military disposes of all manner of surplus water craft. Many are still usable. Fire Dept can obtain surplus equipment thru state foresters for wildland fire use. I suggest you discuss your need with the appropriate DECISION maker at your forester. Boats/nautical equipment may or may not be allowed by your state of by US Forestry (thru who transfers occur). Come up with a good logical reason/case why this ___ft ____ Boat is needed for wildland fire protection in your area before you start calling/discussion with the state/feds. Your only cost is transportation from where ever it sits to where ever you want it to go. On loan from feds to you/you don't own it but can do about anything you want to it except sell/dispose of it.

    If not allowed by forestry you can still obtain the items desired thru your state federal surplus property office. All that I know of normal operation consist of picking up/transporting/warehousing surplus DOD and GSA property in a warehouse/store. You go to their location shopping and you pay them cash and you own it. What ever they happen to have on had is what you can buy. Prices may make no sense, and may be high. (for example maybe $5000 for a 5t truck). But you own it. HOWEVER you can go locate items at Navy/Mil bases/sites/surplus system and have your state office request the equipment. The deal I have worked out with our state office is that I find the equipment and arrange transport and the charge me $75 for doing the request/paperwork. You will still own it.

    Point to note is that foresters nationwide get to pick over the DOD/GSA surplus propert before the fed surplus office get to do so. To get an idea what might be available go to www.govliquidation.com Everything listed there has been passed over by all the foresters, gov agencies and state surplus offices and is up for auction to the public (a market price). In theory the "best" stuff has already go to someone thru the various gov't reutilization channels. You'll note there is LOTS of good usable stuff that gets auctioned off.

    Boats - DOD disposes of all manner of military types from Zodiacs to launches, barges, etc, etc. Also civilian recreational type, sail, jetskis, crusiers, and privately owned craft. Eventually you'll find something that will work for you. GSA also has boats from all the non DOD branches of gov't, perhaps more than DOD but I have never worked their system.

    So you got a boat, use that as leverage for your fire grant app. 04 I was able to get fire grant $ to convert some equipment we received thru our forester from DOD. My theory is that this gives a much better rate of return vs asking for fire grant $ for the entire thing.

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