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    Question Knot passing


    Does anyone have any input on the following question.

    When using a 3:1 mechanical advantage for instance, and passing a knot through the system. Does it make sense to use Knot passing pulleys at the system to prevent the temporary moving of those 2 pieces of hardware? It seems that this would eliminate some of the breakdown and set up except for the gibbs. I have not seen this but think it makes sense.


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    yes knot passing pulleys are easier but if you do not have them with you at the time use tandem triple wrap prusick cord in place of the gibbs. The gibbs is just made to be an ascender the company will not gaurantee them when used in this manner. The loads that can be put on them when used as a rope grab in a two person load with the friction at the edge and the power of the haul team can cause them to fail or bite your rope and damage it. Consult with the manufacturer if you have any questions about their use in this manner or when using them for a belay device. BE SAFE.

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