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    Default Do I call?

    Here's my department's problem...

    I wrote the grant and submitted it. In August, we got the email-Would you take the grant if awarded questions.. Due to a death in my family, I was late in submitting the questions, but I did submit the answers. In November, we got the same email "Second Notice". Basically, same questions as the first time. I answered them promptly and they said they had received them the second time.

    No Dear John email that I know of (I check the department email daily). Also on Grant website, no email either, but also no 1199A link either.

    Are we still in the running or do I need to call, or just give up and start over for 2005.

    Sorry for all the questions, this is my first go round with Fire Grants.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I would probably call.
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    Default Just GiveEm a Call!

    My advice is to just give them a call and state your situation. Be sure to have your WMD Number handy this way they can log into your file. I am sure they will straighten it out very quickly. As a wise man (Bc79er) said, "If you got the questions and/or the 1199A update it is just a matter of time."

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    Don't give up!!!! My dept went through about the same thing with the questions in Aug and had been waiting since. We got the call yesterday on the 23rd from Washington to tell us we received the grant. I was starting to lose hope in the beginning of Feb and we called the help desk, all they could say was everything was in order and just wait. So if you got the 1199 you can almost bet the farm that you will be awarded soon. They told us that they were way behind on their time line so don't give up yet and start working on the 2005 soon.


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