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    My department's looking at trying for a pumper/tanker for this year's grant. We're currently 0-for on our attempts, but we've done quite a bit of research on what works and what they're looking for, etc. Anyone had any luck with a similar project or have a narrative we could look at and maybe get some pointers? Thanks in advance.

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    Our Vol. Fire department asked for a class A fire pumper. Our chief included that we do not have one of these trucks and that we cover a 350 sq. mile Raties. Its really good to do a lot of research in this. Ask for stuff you extreamly need because that is what they are looking for. We had a department near us ask for some ppe. Well they already had the stuff they just wanted extra. Well they did not get the grant ya see what I am sayin. We are still waiting for fema to wire the money into our account so. GOOD LUCK.

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