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    Default What a way to propose.

    Firefighter proposes using 'Burg's fire truck
    By Liz Vernon Staff Reporter
    WILLIAMSBURG - When Tom Milewski decided to propose to Heather Wellington, he knew he wanted to do it in a unique way.
    So Milewski, a firefighter with Williamsburg Township, made good use of one of the township's fire engines. Saturday, Feb. 19, he put a sign reading "Heather, will you marry me?" on the roof of the emergency services building, then used the fire engine to take Wellington up to the roof.

    As the couple moved slowly skyward, their family and friends came outside and watched as Wellington read the sign, then said "yes" and hugged Milewski.

    When they returned to the ground, he presented her with a balloon and flowers that he'd hidden in the truck.

    "I wanted to do something different and original that would just throw her completely and totally off-guard," Milewski said of the proposal.

    And it worked.

    "I was very surprised," Wellington said. "I didn't expect it at all."

    Milewski said it took about three weeks to plan. "I had some ideas I was just kicking around," he said. He decided to use plastic to construct the sign, and began working on it a few days before the proposal, with the help of some of his co-workers.

    One of these co-workers, Capt. Jeff Kiser, has known Milewski for about 15 years. "He was thinking about (the proposal) and decided to make the sign," said Kiser. "It's unique. We'd never seen it done before."

    The sign turned out well, Milewski said, and the weather was "great."

    "I'm glad everything turned out," he said

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    A firefighter in the town next to where I used to run as POC used an engine to propose to his girlfriend. You would have thought someone had killed a cow on the town green considering how nutty the townspeople went.

    I thought it was nicethen (about 10 years ago), now it has become so ordinary it doesn't get me much anymore.

    The kicker of it is both the guy and the guy who drove the rig were firefighters and never left town with the rig.
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