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    I've got an old truck with a 375 GPM pump. i would like to get some feedback on this: if i lay a 100' x 2.5" line, can i get full capacity out of that pump? or should i use (2) 2.5" lines. i just know that you can put a heck of a lot of water through a 2.5" line at 100', but would it be easier on the pump if i ran two lines, or would (1) line take all that the pump can produce?
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    Default Probably one line

    Moving 375 gpm through a 2.5" line gives you about 25 to 30 psi Friction Loss per hundred. So at 100' of 2.5", that's approxamately 30 psi for FL and hopefully you try to keep 20 psi minimum residual pressure at the recieving apparatus, so if the pump can generate 50 psi, you should be able to move the 375 gpm through a single 2.5" line. If you lay down two 2.5" lines, then each line would be flowing about 185 gpm per line, with a friction loss of about 8 to 10 psi, so you could get by with a pump pressure of about 30 psi [residual desired (20 psi) + FL (10 psi) = pump pressure (30 psi)].

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