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    Default AFG 2005 Guidlines Released

    Good luck all!!!

    Praying for a new Pumper/Tanker!!!

    In case you have not yet heard, the 2005 Program Guidance for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is now available for download at http://www.firegrantsupport.com/guidance.aspx.

    The application deadline is currently projected at April 8, 2005, but could be adjusted based on the date that the on-line application actually becomes available. According to the program guidance, the on-line application will be available at www.firegrantsupport.com on or about March 7, 2005. This year's program guidance mirrors previous years', with two major exceptions:
    The allowance of nonaffiliated EMS organizations (i.e., non-fire based EMS organizations) as eligible applicants for as much as two (2) percent of the appropriated funds.
    The segregation of the Fire Prevention and Safety Grant (FP&S) program from the AFG. There will be a separate application period devoted solely to Fire Prevention and Safety. This application period will most likely be in the Fall of 2005 which would be open to fire departments as in the past. Monitor the AFG website (www.firegrantsupport.com) for updated information on this program.
    A “nonaffiliated EMS organization” is defined as a public or private nonprofit emergency medical services organization that provides direct emergency medical services to a specific geographic area but is not affiliated with a hospital and does not serve a geographic area in which emergency medical services are adequately provided by a fire department. In making the determination regarding “adequately provided,” DHS will conclude that any nonaffiliated EMS organization would be eligible under this definition if the organization is providing direct emergency medical services at the time of application and is in good standing with the community, i.e., licensed and/or chartered to provide EMS serves to the community. Included in this category of eligibility would be rescue squads that are adequately trained to provide emergency medical services to the community that they serve. EMS applicants will have the option to apply for assistance under either the EMS Operations and Safety Program or the EMS Vehicle Acquisition Program.
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    Good Luck Sampson

    We would have liked to have put in for a new tanker too but no one thought about it till it was really too late to design/spec/and price it.

    As it stands now I'm working on about 80K worth of PPE & equipment (not bad for a Dept. with a 23K annual budget)

    I did one grant back on '02 and we were awarded funds for 12 Complete Packs w/ the trimmings & 1 TIC so I am really really hoping we'll get something out of this one as well.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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