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    Question Hybrid Cars

    Does anyone have correct information on the power cables on the new hybrids. I was recently shown a new Honda with the orange cable under the hood by a local dealer. He told me that their cables were now run underneath and down the middle of the cars and not down the side rails, as on the Toyato. He also told me that a Fire Fighter was recently killed in Florida, by cutting the cable on a Toyato during an extrication. He said that the Honda's power was 140 volts while the Toyato was 400 volts. My question to the dealer was is there anyway the battery can be disconnected, in the event of an accident to secure the safety of the firefighters. He could not answer my question. I have several question that I hope someone can answer. Is there is any identification on the cars to identify them as Hybrids? Can the cables be punctured during an accident that would electrify the car? Any informatio would be helpful.

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    Visit this Website and take a look at the various ERGs. I think this answers your question.
    Jorg Heck
    Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V.

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