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    Has anyone ever had an airbag burst, it came to find when I read something about the hurst tools line busting. What would happen if it were to bust?

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    It would make a loud noise and the Chief would not be happy...

    I recently had a conversation with a sales rep about airbags and was told that "Code 3" had a bag fail about 3 years ago that killed a firefighter. I do not know anything more than that... not even sure that Code 3 made airbags, but it gives you some place to start.
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    The salesman that Met Med spoke with was partially correct.

    Code 3 does not make a LIFTING bag. ResQ Tek, who used to be Code 3, does have LIFTING bags. The salesman was correct in saying that they had a fatal incident in, I believe, 2002. Even more recently I believe Hurst had a fatal incident with their LIFTING bags just a couple of months ago that was discussed on this forum.

    Both incidents were a result of user error/training. The NIOSH report has been released about the ResQ Tek NT Bags. VERY informative, you should read it. The report is a training session in itself. That incident came down to a training issue.

    I don't know as much about the other incident but what I do know is that it came down to improper use.

    There would probably be two people alive today if they stabilized(cribbed) the load that was being lifted.

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