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    Default Questions for Evaluating SCBA

    Our department is going to be evaluating new SCBA and would like to evaluate each SCBA using the same list of questions. We have a list of questions but would like some input from other fire fighters on what each of you would ask a sales rep.

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    Here's a few..

    Warranties: what is covered, what is not?

    What minor repairs can be done at the FD, ie., O-rings where the bottle connects to the unit, straps, etc.

    What is the turn around time for major repairs?

    Does the vendor offer loaner units while SCBA is being repaired?

    Does the vendor offer hydrotesting of cylinders.

    How many FD's in the area use their brand? Get references, don't take their word for it... ask those FD's what they like and don't like, problems, etc.
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    Thumbs up scba reserch

    hey redtruck

    i sent a reply but it did not go through the first time but i will try again!
    before you even talk to a salesmen you have to do a needs assesment of your dept based on response,types of structures,community geographics, mutualaid and anything else you could think of that your dept deals with.gather all the information you can on the units your interested in by info. packets. narrow all the info down to the co's that offer what your dept needs by the assesment. find out how long the co's have been making scba and the longevity of the unit in service before replacment.can your dept. field test the unit for 90 days,are the units updatable due to standards changes,are the units field servicable,can you do inhouse repair,mask repair, moble repair/service,do they have failsafe safety systems,intergrated pass alarms,ease of operation, can all the members wear the unit based on their size and physical condition etc. contact any depts that have the units that you narrowed down and ask basic questions about the unit and you will get all the answers and then some to make a decision on what unit to buy. whatever you do do not buy because of price but by your assesment! our dept purchased 45 min carbonfiber wrap bottles over fierglass because of weight difference,hydro test 5yrs instead of 3yrs, construction etc. 45min. to offer added air supply if something goes wrong!! the only dumb question is the one that is not asked . it takes time ! the ultimate decision is based on firefighter safety nothing else !!!!!!! good luck with your purchaseand feel free to contact me .

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