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    Default Mobile Burn Trailers

    Our department is going to apply for a mobile burn trailer this year. What are the pros/cons to different brands?

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    We received a grant in 2003 for a Symtron FireTrainer T-4000. Our experience is discussed in this thread.

    Symtron has been bought out by Kidde (http://www.kiddeft.com/), who also bought out ICS. The ICS model is now known as the FireTrainer ML.

    The T-4000 is a "budget" (my word) version and features only one burn area & one story. Our price was about $185,000.00

    The ML has two burn areas & two stories. It's price was $285,000.00 at the time.

    Both units feature movable walls, a ship's ladder, and a pitched roof prop. Both units feature propane fueled fires and will do "flashovers".

    Our unit has a forcible entry door.

    The Kidde folks were very receptive to my input & worked with us to get us want we wanted. They are based in Fair Lawn, NJ and were close enough to us that I was able to go to the factory & see a unit under contruction & demo one prior to purchasing.

    This played a lot into our decision to go with the T-4000, as did the pricing.

    It is very easy to operate and works well to provide our firefighters with basic skills training.

    I do not have any experience with the FireBlast 451 or FireFlash(http://www.fireblast451.com/) but it seems to be more complex & probably more expensive.

    I am not aware of any other mobile trainers.

    If you wanted to travel to Rising Sun, Maryland we would be more than happy to show you our FireTrainer T-4000.

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