Honda has released the 2005 Accord Hybrid sedan. It is an Accord sedan, with the high trim level features similar to the EX model. The Honda IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) is attached to their 3.0 V6. The vehicle went on nationwide sale December 10, with a goal of approximately 20,000 units to be sold for 2005.

The goal from Honda with this product is not just fuel economy, but also high performance. The vehicle has 255 hp, as compared with the standard V6 Accord at 240 hp.

While the majority of the structure on the Hybrid is the same as the conventional Accord, Honda has added some new high-tension steel to the inner structure of the upper A pillar, rocker panels, and the center floor rail and crossmember areas. I'm still checking to see if this is a martensitic steel or just traditional High-strength steel.

One other change is an aluminum hood for the Hybrid model. The hood is identical to the standard Accord, just of aluminum construction to save weight.

Roger & Sue Cada