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    I really hate to say it, but as of right now, you're SOL. The cutoff is 36, and that's state law. Apparently, it's in the works of being changed to 40, but until that happens, there's not much you can do other than keep training for that CPAT!

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    It's state law that if you're a member of PERF (retirement pension) that you may be no older than 36 when you first begin. Notice, that is a law about being a member of PERF. Some departments (VERY few and far between) will hire you with the understanding you can't be a member of the retirement system. I'm not sure how this is being done as it was my understanding that to be a paid firefighter in Indiana that you must also become a member of PERF, however I do know ff's who are paid, and are not members of PERF.

    Also, there was a posting on the indiana firefighters union site, regarding the bill that would increase this age from 36 to 40, however it is no longer on their site. I don't know if it was dropped, passed or what not.
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