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    Hello to all. I am like most I am looking forward to arriving in houston on the 7th. I called today and they said the itenerary for next week will be here tom. I am looking forward to meeting all who is going to be in h-town next week, and to also meet all the fine men that are in country now. Does anybody that is over there now happen to know a man by the name of scott rose and if so i would like to talk to him. How is the interaction between men and women over there. Im just curious since im single and will have some down time. Well guys hope to see you all in a week. Be safe till then.

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    Just a word of advice.. if you want more people to respond.. and to talk more with people who are going over.. try also posting that message under "FFing in Iraq".. that is, if you haven't already!

    You'll also find other people going on the 7th.. there too.

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