These fires occurred in Reading during February:

----020505: At 0240 hours still alarm dispatched for an auto fire to the rear of the 800 block of N.Front street. Engine company arrived to find a fully involved auto in the alley with extension to a 1 story 4 bay garage. Box 812, McKnight & W.Douglass streets transmitted at 0244 hours. Fire placed under control at 0310 hours.Companies assigned: Still alarm: E11 & C-6. Box 812: E3,1,L1,R1,M1,C-3,E5(safety Co.)
----SAME DATE: At 1536 hours box 23, 19th & Perkiomen Ave., AOF 1824 Cotton street. 2 story vacant frame duplex, fire on 2nd floor. Under control time was 1600 hours. Companies assigned: E13,5,1,T1,R1,M1,C-5 & 7,E3(safety Co.).
----020805: At 1517 hours box 85, 2nd & Windsor streets, AOF 916 N.2nd street. 3 story occupied MOR multiple dwelling,fire 1st floor. Under control time was 1538. Companies assigned: E11,3,14,L3,R1,M3,C-2 & 8,E1(Safety Co.)
----021705: At 1102 hours box 123, 6th & Franklin streets, AOF Plum & Franklin streets. 55 gallon drum of flammable liquid on fire on upper level of parking garage under construction next to quarters of R1 & T1. Fire placed under control at 1115 hours with 2 minor injuries to construction crew. Companies assigned: E5,3,1,T1,L1,R1,M2,C-1 & 7,E13(safety Co.)
----021805: At 1743 hours still alarm dispatched for an alarm system activation at the Wyndham Hotel @ 100 N.5th street. Companies arrived to find smoke in the basement of the 16 story 75x125 mixed occupancy building with the sprinkler system in activation. Box 1623 transmitted for the building at 1746 hours. Fire placed under control at 1800 hours with the fire contained by the sprinklers to the basement laundry room. Companies assigned: Still alarm: E3,L1 & C-9. Box 1623: E1,13,5,T1,R1,M3 & C-4.
----SAME DATE: At 2243 hours box 212, 11th & Cotton streets, AOF 529 S.11th street. 2&1/2 story occupied MOR dwelling, fire 1st floor. Under control time was 2300 hours. Companies assigned: E13,5,1,T1,R1,M1,C-4 & 9,E3(safety Co.)
----022005: At 0815 hours box 82, 3rd & Douglass streets, AOF 810 N.2nd street. 3 story occupied stand alone 35x50 multiple dwelling, heavy fire 2nd & 3rd floors & through the roof. 2nd alarm transmitted at 0829 hours with fire brought under control at 0933 hours. 4 firefighters treated for minor injuries. Companies assigned: 1st alarm: E11,3,9,L1,R1,M1,C-2 & 8,E1(Safety Co.). 2nd alarm. E13,14,L3,M2,C-1,4 & 9. Special call fore relief: E8
----022105: At 1117 hours box 41, 10th & Penn streets, AOF 18 S.10th street. Fire in grocer's alley between 2-3 story MOR mulitple dwellings. Fire placed under control at 1126 hours. Companies assigned: E1,13,3,T1,L1,R1,M2,C-3 & 6,E5(safety Co.)
----SAME DATE: At 1339 hours box 134, 7th & Laurel streets, AOF 407 Minor street. 2&1/2 story occupied EOR dwelling, fire 2nd floor with occupants trapped in attic. Occupants were able to self-extricate prior to FD arrival by climbing down cable wires from roof. Fire placed under control at 1352 hours. Companies assigned: E5,1,3,T1,L1,R1,M1,C-1 & 3,E13(safety Co.)
----022405: AT 1511 hours box 234, 17th & Haak streets, AOF 339 S.18th street. 2&1/2 story occupied duplex multiple dwelling, fire in 2nd floor kitchen. Under control time was 1521 hours. Companies assigned: E13,1,5,T1,R1,M1,C-4 & 9,E3(safety Co.)

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