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    Question # 1 cause of FF injuries

    I think I once heard one time the # 1 cause of firefighters injuries are trip/fall accidents. I have found that most injuries occur on the fireground, but canít find if itís from tripping or what is causing the injuries. I have google this, search the forums, and have found nothing. My mind sometime carries useless information like this, but canít remember where I heard this. Anyone know if this is true, or tell me Iím wrong. Iím trying to do research on a light tower and would like to use this fact (if correct) as one of the reasons to buy the tower. Thanks for the help.


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    These links should help you in your search:



    Firefighter Injuries PDF (note that the data isn't new):


    Also, if you go to usfa.fema.gov and search firefighter injuries you will get more links.
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    I just wrote a group paper on this, based on an Executive Fire Officer research project. If you go to the National Fire Academy and find a paper titled "Protective Ensembles for Firefighters Challenge the Balance and Stability of Firefighters." Here's the website:

    Basically, the paper concludes that the majority of firefighter injuries on the fireground stem from a firefighter's inability to maintain balance while in protective equipment, especially when additional loads are added. So, slips and falls, and missed jumps seem to be the number one firefighter injury.


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