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    Default best helmet light

    what helmet light and bracket seem to be the best?

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    Best?? That is going to be dicated by everyone's personal experiences.

    My opinion....
    Light = Garrity
    Bracket = slice of an inner-tube

    My dept buys a case or so of the Garritys at Home Depot at the end of each year to clear out the budget remains. If you lose it, break it, etc. tell an officer and they grab you a new one - they're cheap and more importantly they work.

    The band we get a couple of inner-tubes from the local tire shop and slice them into 1" or so bands and throw them in a box kept right next to the lights. A light bracket is so one purpose... the inner-tube holds my light, door chocks, etc

    Again... my opinion!

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    Up until this past weekend, I've always used a Pelican StealthLight. I've had a couple different brackets, but liked the metal one that Pelican sells the best.

    Unfortunately, we had a house fire this past weekend, and sometime during the call, my light up and disappeared. I mean totally...no light, no bracket.

    So, I thought about ordering a new one, but one of the guys was telling me last week how much he likes his UK light, so I decided to take the opportunity to try something new. We'll see how it is.
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    I am a big fan of Pelican Lights. I own both the 3"C" Super SaberLite and the 4"AA" StealthLite w/ "plastic" helmet mount.

    My g/f recently started Paramedic School so when we went shopping for her gear I showed her my stuff (my gear you perverts ) and told her what I liked and didn't like about it and what I'd like to do different with hers.

    We ended up choosing the "High Speed - Low Drag" route and tried to stay as low profile as possible. We ended up with a Pelican HeadsUp lite 2610. It has 2 brightness settings and is still small enough for her goggles to ride above it when not in use. She'll never do FF type work so it works for her. (It comes with both the cloth & rubber straps BTW)

    I saw some of the new Recil LED technology stuff at the FH Expo in July and I REALLY like that. I may give the new HeadsUp 2680 (w/ Recoil) a try. It looks a little bulky from the pictures so I'd like to have one in hand to "play" with first.

    As an aside - I was so impressed w/ the recoil technology that I have added one of the new Little Ed w/ Recoil for each member to our Fire Act grant.

    Also - to give a small plug to Pelican, I e-mailed them about a month back trying to purchase the replacement O-Rings for my 2 lights (couldn't find anyone on the web that sold them). They e-mailed me back to get my mailing address and sent me 3 of each O-ring for both lights. That's customer service for a quality product in my book.
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    I like the UK4AA with the stainless steel bracket, Not the cheap looking plastic version. The only thing I might change is switching to the rechargable version of the light.
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    Streamlight 4aa xenon (not the LED) works great easy to use switch, I had the pelican light and the switch's are junk and not as easy to use with a gloved hand. I also got the streamlight band, it holds the light right in on the brim out of the way nice and tight, it was really cheap and works great. The clamps always hang out to far and get caught on things, go with the band.

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