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    Default Thermal cameras in Greek firefighting dept.

    Hello everyone,
    I'm a Mechanical Engineer, investigator for the Greek firefighting dept. We're planning to purchase some new Thermal Cameras and i'm trying to make a survey into global market for the most proper ones. However, I would be grateful if you could provide me with some information concerning the quality and the "reputation" of the thermal cameras you are using. I've been searching through internet and I've found brands such as Bullard, e2v, ISG, DiOP, etc. However, it's only you that could possibly provide me with a guidline on what it would be better for us to choose (what to look for, possible pitfalls, etc.). Please note, that it is very important for the service to also be able to use these thermal cameras for rescue under rubble. Your experience could very valuable for us. Thank you very much in advance.

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    It is quite a process to get the camera that you want. Do you have any currently? First step is to find out what type of camera you need - or what applications it will be used for (search, fire, investigation). Contact places that have large or international USAR teams (Urban Search and Rescue). They will tell you what they preffer. How big do you want the camera to be - they come in all sizes. Do you want a helmet mount or a hand held unit? Do you want a color display or black and white? Do you want the camera to be able to transmit its picture to a television screen outside the area being searched?
    As you can see their are a lot of questions to answer first. If you answer these questions it will help narrow your search to a few manufacturers. We currently have Cairns helmet, and Scott eagle cameras in service. The Bullard website also has a question list on it to help narrow your search!
    Also do a search here as we talk about thermal cameras and functions - different technologies in them. I geuss you could say there is a world of information here.
    Good Luck
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