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Thread: Scott NXG2

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    Default Scott NXG2

    We are looking into new air packs are considering the Scott NXG2 does any one know if the cylinders for these can be used for air bags or chisel ? Current bags and chisel have the old thread connection.

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    Air will only come out the "quick connect" bottle fitting. The threaded end of the bottle connection is for filling the bottle and has a one way valve that will prevent air from coming out.

    Whether or not you can get an adpater for the air tools to fit the NXG2 style......
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    We just got the NxG2. For air bags we use a RIT bottle. The RIT bottle has the threaded connections. Maybe if you just used the RIT bottle (4500psi) or purchased one for air bags, etc, that would help you get the NxG2 packs.

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    We transitioned to the NXG's last year, for the airbags we kept some of our old 60min 4500 bottles. Our sales rep seems to feel that the needed adapters will be available some time next year. It would have been nice to have everything come out together considering all the other thing FD's have that rely on bottled air. It always seems that no matter how advanced we get there is always some degree of "field engineering" needed to cover all the bases.

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