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    Default Start a Fitness Program

    Does any one have any "templates" to start a fitness program in our fire house. I am looking for Proposal letters to Managment as well as any statitcs. Also any ideas. We would like to at least start with just a treadmill.

    Any help is appreciated



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    Thumbs up BoFlex

    Hey Brother,

    We had problems getting a workout program started due to budget restraints from the County. We decided to buy a Boflex and split the cost amung the firefighhters. I was a GREAT investment. Everyone works out becuase they contributed and dont want to see there money go to waste and Boflex offers a work out for the beginers and intermidates. There is also a grant out by FEMA that includes a simular machine that was specificly desined for firefighters. GOOD luck......

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    What type of templates are you looking for -fitness/training or grant/program set-up?

    I wish you luck in your quest, but remember, your body is the ultimate resistance! Until you get equipment, start by doing circuits of pushups, squats, lunges, step ups, chops, twists, and balance exercises.

    Setting up an effective workout area doesn't have to cost much, especially since YOU, as a firefighter, work within environment where you have to stabilize your body plus carry extra gear and tools. Machines do very little to help build strength in that respect. Dumbbell and barbell training on your feet will transfer better to the work environment, and you will not have to shell out as much money for a line of equipment that looks nice. Please let me know if I can be of any help.
    Yours in health & safety,
    Rich Meyer, Strength Coach
    Author of FAST Responders: The Ultimate Guide to Firefighter Conditioning
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