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    We are getting resurveyed in April and I am wondering if anybody has any ideas on hose, Hydrant and training records. We have them but I would like a better format.

    Also any suggestions would help. Class 5 hoping for better.


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    Spreadsheets are the easiest and most FF-proofed way of keeping records of hose and hydrant testing. Training records here are mostly kept by the state after being entered online which gives a lifetime total, but the local copy is a sign-in sheet kept in the filing cabinet.

    Hose marking is as simple as a set of stencils and a bunch of black spray paint. As long as there is a system to uniquely ID each hydrant, you don't have to make markings on them, but if you have some extra $$ for stickers or something along those lines, it makes it much easier. Houston glued ID numbers to every hydrant in the city. It takes a while to set up, but something like that is really easy to maintain.

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    We kept indivivual training records on each firefighter ... drill attendance, outside training, specialized training such as driver/pump operator and aerial operations, and certifications, as well as a master list of all scheduled and outside training that we participated in for the past 3 years. That way if ISO had any questions about a particuliar session that each on a memebers indivivual sheet they could reference it. Maybe it's not the best system, but it worked at the time. Since then we have gone to a spread-sheet type report.

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