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    Default NIST Report on Rhode Island nightclub fire

    This report is a must read for every fire protection professional out there today.


    If you doubt the value of sprinklers-look at the video. If you doubt the value of interior finish standards-look at the video. If you dount the dangers posed by fireworks in the hands of unlicensed people-look at the video.

    This is a great example of your tax dollars at work. Very comprehensive and professional. Very informative. Huge public welfare value.

    BTW< you guys who are thinking of going into the FPE field...this is the type of work you will be trained to do.

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    Thumbs up Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act of 2005

    Contact your local rep's and make sure they're a co-sponsor of this bill (which covers more then just health-care facilities) that was re-introduced to the 109th Congress yesterday complete with a fire sprinkler demo in front of the Capitol:

    Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act Introduced in Congress
    On Thursday, March 3, 2005, Senator Rick Santorum (PA), Congressman Curt Weldon (PA), and Congressman Jim Langevin (RI) held a press conference in front of the United States Capitol to announce the introduction of the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act. This bipartisan legislation will provide a tax incentive to classify the retrofit of automatic fire sprinkler systems as five-year property for purposes of tax depreciation.

    "In 2004, one hundred fire fighters were killed, and over 3,900 civilians died in fire deaths in the United States. Proper installation and regular inspection of fire sprinklers can help keep Pennsylvanians safe where they live and work," said Santorum. "This act offers incentives for the voluntary installation and retrofitting of existing buildings with automated sprinkler systems."

    "The benefits of the fire sprinkler systems have long been known," said Weldon. "In fact, the National Fire Protection Association has no record of a fire killing more than two people in a public assembly, educational, institutional or residential building with a complete and fully operational automatic fire sprinkler system."

    "Unfortunately, due to the high cost of installing such safety measures, property owners have faced tremendous financial burdens when considering the addition of such systems. Passage of this legislation would not only provide an incentive for property owners, but also increase public safety," said Congressman Langevin. "The importance of automatic fire sprinkler systems was tragically demonstrated in February of 2003 in Rhode Island. Three days earlier, there was another pyrotechnic fire in a nightclub in Minnesota. That establishment had an automatic fire sprinkler system and the fire did not cause a single injury."

    The Senate and House assigned bill numbers S. 512 and H.R. 1131 to the legislation. As an original co-sponsor, Senator John D. Rockefeller, IV (WV) will work with Senator Santorum in advancing the legislation through the Senate. The Weldon-Langevin bill already has 38 cosponsors in the House.

    CFSI's National Advisory Council passed a resolution in October of 2002 in support of the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act. The Mechanical Contractors Association, the American Insurance Association, the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, the Associated General Contractors of America, the Lightning Safety Alliance, the American Society of Safety Engineers, the American Health Care Association, and the American Institute of Architects have joined CFSI and the 45 other fire organizations that comprise its advisory committee in support of this important legislation.

    (This is better information from my previous post.)
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    Thank you George...I am very interested in reading this.
    May we never forget our fallen, worldwide.

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    I'll say "Thanks George" in advance. The firewalls here are almost impregnable so will have to wait until I get to a less intense computer to open the link. I look forward to viewing the video.
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    Thanks George....very interesting...
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    Remember this is a DRAFT report...... just thought this distinction was worth emphasizing....... great report.

    Oh, and George's "will be" is correct - many of us 70's (or earlier) trained FPE's might hurt ourselves if we try to run one of those fire modeling programs.

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    Thanks George. It is on my reading list for the weekend. I saw that the draft report had come out. I will have to take a look at the video too.

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    I saw this earlier when Billy G sent it out on the Secret List........ Watched part of it earlier, will watch the rest later
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