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    Nah, the structure was in place before I got here. If we could take the good from the US and the UK, thing would be great, seems to me that the fire service in general is reluctant to accept changes.

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    Question Re: Ranks

    Originally posted by FireFleitz
    Roanoke City Fire-EMS consists of 13 stations and about 280 personnel.

    Chief (1)
    Deputy Chief(1)
    Assistant Chief(1)
    Battalion Chief
    Captain ( company officer, rides seat of engine)
    1st Lieutenant ( rides seat of Ladder trucks)
    Lieutenant ( Driver/engineer, fills in for 1st Lt. or Capt.)
    Firefighter ( Either EMT, Cardiac tech, or Paramedic)

    With all the officers in a company, Who is doing the work???

    You guys run with what 3 members per ride??

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    Default to many officers

    I agree with what you say Captoldtimer. However it is pretty much the same as everywhere else. On the Station level we have company officers, Captains are in charge of the station and are the Engine company officers. 1st Lt. are the ladder company officers. The Lt's are driver/engineers with acting capabilities. Yes we run min. 3 personnel per ride.

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    Default Major's in KY

    Someone mentioned earlier about major being in some rank systems in KY. I can elaborate somewhat on this. We used to have major's on our department, but they were mainly just called that because of the insigina's we used. For a while we used military insigina's as well as bugles so thts sort of where it came from.
    Chief- 5 bugles, or Col. eagle
    District Chief(Major)- 3 bugles or major oak leaf
    Capt.-2 crossed bugles or 2 bars
    Lt.-1 bugle or 1 bar
    Sgt.- Sgt Chevron( engineers, drivers)
    Then we went to strictly bugles and did away with the military insignias and we sort of phased out the lt. postition. The Lexington fire department in central KY has the position of Major. Thats sort of where we stole the idea from. Don't qoute me on this but their rank structure is something like this:
    Asst. Chief( More or less a pay scale, can be appointed by the chief)
    Batt. Chief( Shift commander)
    Major(In charge of companies in a district)
    Capt. (line officer)
    Lt. (Line officer)
    "I truly believe that tradition is important to the long-term survival of the fire service."-Lt. Andrew Fredricks, FDNY,9-11-01

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    We use a pretty standard rank structure:

    Deputy Chief
    Assistant Chief (Full-Time Paid)
    Captain (one for each Station, Rescue Capt., Maintanence Capt.)
    Sr. Firefighters (one for each truck)
    - they basically function as Lts.
    Probabtionary Firefighters (Have not completed Skill Checklist)
    Observers & Junior Firefighters

    Only changes in rank structure would be an EMS call ... a Firefighter with an EMS certification would outrank the Firefighter/Driver.

    All personnel above Sr. Firefighter must have a current EMS certification.

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