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    I am currently an acitve volunteer with Benton County (WA), I have been fighting fire for 4 years now and I want nothin more than to make it on a Full-time FD. Tryouts in my area are this summer and I fully intend to apply. I am in search of study material for the general civil services test used. Please respond with any sources of information. Thank you.

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    I can't say that I've used any type of "program" persay, but look around in the Career Articles part of Firehouse, search Barnes & Nobles, or find one of CaptBobs post and go to the link to his website and look at what he offers. I personally couldn't tell you if it is worth the money or not.. maybe someone that has used it could tell you.

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    Capt Bob is at:

    There have been several articles in the memberzone on the topic as well. I would suggest a search of the archives.

    Good Luck!
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